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Frequently Asked Questions

How is YAAHA different from other education sites?
YAAHA seeks to inspire black success against the odds and foster racial harmony by demonstrating that black history is American history.
Why was YAAHA founded?
YAAHA was founded to uncover hidden black history by two women, one black and one white, who shared a belief that Americans knowing more about each other is the surest path to unity.
What Future plans does YAAHA have for growth?
YAAHA will expand its digital presence to provide its educational materials to the public, charter schools and the homeschooling community.
What references do you use for your educational materials?
YAAHA’s educational materials are documented with original illustrations and photographs; Census Bureau records; court records; newspaper accounts; political cartoons; biographies; contemporaneous testimonials in letters and interviews; party platforms; and Congressional records, including speeches made by 19th century black legislators.
How can I use the lesson plans on the site?
The YAAHA lesson plans can read by individuals and used by teachers in an academic setting. To gain access, complete and submit the YAAHA Education Registration Form online.
Where can I find the references on the lesson plans?
YAAHA lesson plans contain the names of libraries and archives with links to where documents can be found.
Are the lesson plans copyrighted?
YAAHA lesson plans are copyrighted.
Can I use the photos, charts and illustrations on your website for teaching purposes?
Photos, charts and illustrations on the YAAHA website can be used for teaching purposes.
Are the photos, charts and illustrations on your website copyrighted?
Some, but not all, of the photos, charts and illustrations on the YAAHA website are copyrighted and the copyrighted materials are identified.
What are the restrictions for use of the photos, charts and illustrations on your educational materials?
Except where identified as copyrighted, the photos, charts and illustrations on the YAAHA website are in the Public Domain. Otherwise, the Fair Use Doctrine applies if you meet one of three conditions. (1) You use the photos, charts and illustrations for non-profit and educational purposes. (2) You change the photos, charts or illustrations so drastically that they no longer have the same meaning or purpose. (3)You use the photos, charts and illustrations as information for the public good.
Where can I purchase the eBook or hardbound copy?
BLACK HISTORY 1619 – 2019: AN ILLUSTRATED AND DOCUMENTED AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY can be purchased in ebook or hardbound copy on Amazon, Paragon House, or wherever books are sold.
How do I support Yocum African American History Association (YAAHA)?
Your financial support makes it possible for YAAHA to share our educational materials with the public to promote black success and foster racial unity. You can make a donation to support the YAAHA educational campaign either online or by sending a check to:

PO Box 1507
Medina, OH 44258

What are the different levels of support?
You may support us with a donation at these levels:

Diamond: $2,500+

Platinum: $1,000

Gold: $500

Silver: $250

Bronze: $100

How can I sign-up for the YAAHA newsletter?

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YAAHA is dedicated to encouraging harmonious race relations by educating the public on 400 years of African American history.

Your contribution will help us provide learning tools and references to advance our goal of educating those eager to learn more about black history in the United States.

Donations will support our campaign to use our book, lesson plans, and various communication tools to educate all Americans, especially black Americans, of their ancestral history from 1619 to present day.

Donors will receive exclusive advance notices about YAAHA events and activities.

Donations over $100 will receive a copy of our book BLACK HISTORY 1619-2019: An Illustrated and Documented African-American History