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that simplifies 400 years of researched-based black history in America.

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The Yocum African American History Association (YAAHA) has been developing and promoting historically accurate learning tools since 2016 that share 400 years of researched-based black history in America.

YAAHA has developed dozens of educational tools such as lesson plans, videos, blogs, and a best-selling book to teach Americans how African Americans have contributed to the success of the United States for four centuries. Stories and lessons about black Americans such as soldiers, educators, politicians, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and others reveal to us all how black Americans have shaped American history.

With no hidden agenda and not embracing misleading teaching methodologies, YAAHA’s mission is to broaden the knowledge of the cultural sector, educational community, and the public by making available documented African American history. YAAHA does not embrace Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a suitable methodology for teaching black history.

Join us and give the gift of education – factual-based black history.

Together we can make a difference and teach all Americans not to embrace victimhood and segregation, but to succeed by learning the examples of extraordinary black Americans from the last four centuries to the present.

 A contribution of $100.00 or more will receive a copy of our book, “Black History 1619-2019: An Illustrated and Documented African-American History,” filled with over 390 original photographs and Illustrations.

Black History is American History.

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