Black History 1619-2019: An Illustrated and Documented African American History is an inspiring and educational journey through history. It is an in-depth look at the events which shaped the lives and contributions of the African American community in the United States of America. This book is designed to restore the integrity of African American history. It is based on extensive research and documentation related to the African American experience from the era of slavery until modern times. In this landmark book, Sandra K. Yocum and Frances Presley Rice promote awareness and preserve important forgotten information about blacks and their integral part in America’s history. A video may be viewed about the book here.

Black history should not be a once-a-year occurrence where we revisit familiar leaders and the politics of slavery. Black history is American history, and the Yocum African American History Association (YAAHA) provides lesson plans, PowerPoints, videos, Illustrations, and other resources to convey the breadth of this history. These lesson plans are divided into four 100-year sections starting with 1619 and ending with 2019. Each of the plans is in PDF format and downloadable and ideal for homeschooling, high school, and college level.

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