Victor Young: America’s Success Coach
February 14, 2021

Two years ago, YAAHA shared the video success story of Victor Young, a Lamborghini merchant, and media mogul, to an after-school tutoring program for children at risk. The students could not stop talking about it, nor could the other adult teachers in the room.

Victor revealed how he became a success and community leader with his father’s help, who would often take him to work at his company starting when he was ten years old. It was here that Victor learned his work ethic.  As Victor grew, he wanted cool stuff that his father was unwilling to pay for, so his father showed him how to earn it. Victor started making more money in after school jobs than some people made as adults in a forty-hour workweek.

Victor’s keys to success are straightforward and life-affirming: develop a strong work ethic, develop value and talent, find someone who wants this talent, work smart, and do not quit. He has earned the title “America’s Success Coach” due to his unselfish devotion to helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. This community involvement is a critical component in Victor’s life.

He is president and co-founder of Florida Youth, Inc., and created initiatives and secured funding for an amateur boxing program, a youth entrepreneurship program, and a faith-based marine mentoring program that serves hundreds of Tampa Bay youths. Victor also serves on numerous Boards of Trustees and Boards of Directors in the Sarasota area.

Victor is the president and co-owner of Lamborghini Sarasota, BMW of Sarasota, Range Rover Ocala, and Jaguar Ocala. He is the founder and CEO of Human Technology Solutions, Media & Management Global, and Victor Young Productions. Victor Young, Lamborghini Merchant and Media Mogul